Narrative Therapy

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This second edition provides an overview of the history, theories, research, and practice of narrative therapy, as well as recent developments in the field.

Narrative therapy is founded on the idea that people are made up of interacting stories that comprise their sense of who they are, and that the issues they bring to therapy are not restricted to (or located) within the clients themselves, but are influenced and shaped by cultural discourses about identity and power. Narrative therapy centers around a rich engagement in re‑storying a client's narrative by re‑considering, re‑appreciating, and re‑authoring the client's preferred lives and relationships.

This second edition of Narrative Therapy includes advice for working with highly conflicted couple relationships; innovative techniques for working with children, youth, and families; updated practice approaches to grief, loss, trauma, and death; ideas for understanding gender and the influence of queer‑informed narrative therapy on identity formation; and the use of narrative therapy in non‑Western cultural contexts.

Author: Steven Madigan
ISBN: 9781433829864
Number of pages: 238
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Language: English

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